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Rockcliffe residents feel privileged to live in this beautiful community with its gorgeous green canopy and attractive parklands; they are concerned that its unique features not be diminished by “the march of time”.
The Rockcliffe Park Foundation was established in 1996 for just that reason: “to protect the beauty, character and vitality of the community of Rockcliffe Park for the enjoyment of present and future generations”.
The Rockcliffe Park Foundation (RPF) has pursued its mission through the establishment of a capital fund from government contributions, individual donations and proceeds from fundraising activities. This capital fund produces an annual income that allows the Foundation to support activities of the Rockcliffe Park Residents Association (RPRA) and other projects related to heritage conservation, community building, and preservation of the environment.
Annual Giving


Our annual giving campaign strenthens the RPF's endowment.  The community's response to this appeal is gratifyingly positive.
If you would like to contribute to the annual appeal, please click here:
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A Planned Gift
A gift to the Rockcliffe Foundation is a means of leaving a legacy, a means of ensuring that our community continues as it is for years to come. We encourage people to support our efforts through planned giving, possibly with specifically articulated objectives.
A planned gift may take many forms and can be arranged, now, to be effective immediately, over time or at a future date. 
Options for giving include:
You can donate directly to us through the Canada Helps website.
Please click here:
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A cash gift, via personal cheque or bank draft is one of the direct ways to support the Foundation.
Cheques should be made payable to theRockcliffe Park Foundation and mailed to:
Rockliffe Park Foundation
25 Westward Way
Rockcliffe, ON
K1L 5A8
There may be significant tax advantages to you by making a gift of appreciated securities (stock and bonds).
A gift of life insurance presents an opportunity for you to make a significant gift to The Village Foundation while also enjoying beneficial tax savings. A gift of life insurance is an economical way to leverage your financial support.
The most common types of bequests made in your will include:
  • Specific bequest, by which The Village Foundation would receive a specific dollar amount or stated fraction of the estate.      

  • Residual bequest, by which The Village Foundation would receive all or a percentage of the remainder of a donor’s estate after other specific legacies have been fulfilled.

  • Contingent bequest, by which The Village Foundation would receive all or a share of the estate only in the event of the prior death of other beneficiaries.

  • Trust remainder bequest, by which named beneficiaries receive income from a trust established in the will. Upon the death of the surviving beneficiaries, all or part of the principal would then pass to The Village Foundation.

Please contact your personal financial advisor to review your individual circumstances, or for a general illustration of the potential tax savings please contact:
Jane Newcombe, 613-746-8000